The Belmont - Shanklin, Isle of Wight
Bar Menu 6.00-7.30pm

Bar Menu 6.00-7.30pm


Homemade Soup with a Crusty Roll £5.25
Breaded Brie Wedges with Cranberry Sauce £5.95
Breaded Garlic Mushrooms with Garlic Mayo £5.25
Spicy Chicken Pieces with a Tzatziki Dip  £5.25

Main Course

Cod in Batter £10.25
Scampi £10.95
Gammon Steak served with an Egg £13.95
Beef Steak with Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Onion Rings £15.95
Braised Lamb Shank £10.95
In a Red Wine flavour and Rosemary Sauce or Mint Sauce
Braised Lambs Liver with Bacon & Onion £9.95
Cottage Pie £10.95
Homemade Hunters Chicken £11.95
Chicken Fillets in a Crispy Coating £10.95
served with a Sweet Chilli Sauce
Homemade Pies £9.95
Pepperoni & Margherita Italian Twist Pizza £9.95

All the above served with a choice of:

Chips/Roast/Mash or Rice and two of the following:

Peas, Carrots, Green Beans, Cauliflower, Broccoli.

Pasta and Curries

Pasta, Chicken & Bacon Carbonara £10.75
Beef Lasagne & Garlic Bread £10.95
Chilli Con Carni with  Rice & Tortilla Chips £10.95
Chicken Tikka, Rice & Naan Bread £10.95
Chicken Madras, Rice & Naan Bread £10.95

Vegetarian Dishes

Vegetable Lasagne with Garlic Bread £10.50
Stuffed Mushroom Lattice £10.75

Selection of Desserts - £5.25

i called you up, just a voice on the phone, a stranger to me, but i liked your tone, The next thing i know we are in your home, You put up with our rubbish and let Niels drone! We've found a new haven with you and Lin, I still can't believe you let... - Rosie & Niels
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