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Isle of Wight Football Association
The Island League started 100 years ago when the founder members of what was to become the Isle of Wight Football Association met at Warbertons (now Calverts) Hotels, Sea Street, Newport. This was September 1898 and they laid down the ground rules for a league that was to grow out of all recognition. Certainly few, if any of the 13 members that were present could have visualised what would become of their embryonic league.

They started with justĀ  I7 teams playing in two divisions. 100 years and some 500 teams later, there are 70 sides competing in five divisions. As well as their league fixtures, local teams are involved in 12 cup competitions. Some 40 teams play in the Sunday League competing in six cup competitions. Island teams play in the Hampshire, Wessex and Southern leagues and local football is a vibrant active part of weekend activities. But all this was but a distant dream when that inaugural meeting took place.

Back again for another visit- can't resist the IOW and a lovely stay at the Belmont. Comfy beds, lovely food and wonderful welcome.- Charles, Pat and Linda, Swanage